7 Top Questions You Should Prepare For Bank Interviews

Common banking test may be a one time exercise but the selection gets over only after each bank completes its interview proceedings. So candidates have to prepare for every bank interview just like preparing for exams earlier. It is not always easy to read the minds of panelists.
Due to this personal interview sessions always tend to create panic among young people.But by being bold & ready to encounter any type of question with confidence, it is possible to keep fear at bay.
  • Questions to prepare have been explained here to help those freshers aspiring for a banking job to understand the strategy.


What to Prepare

Although, predicting exact questions is not possible, there are certain topics that are sure to be touched by the panelists during an interview for bank posts. 

1. Personal details

This will be the first section wherein you are asked about your family, education etc., Normally the question is like ‘Tell us about yourself’.

Start with a short introduction about family background & move on to highlight your skills & achievements or college projects


2. Study your resume/ biodata

The biodata or resume carries great importance as its the official document about you. As bulk of the questions would revolve around the data you provide, pay attention while submitting the resume/CV during the application.

Get familiar with what you have written so as to avoid giving wrong answers.


3. Banking knowledge

Applying for a bank job & don't know what is a term loan?The chances of you making it to the final list would only get distant.There are roughly about 100-130 regularly used words in banking & financial sector.

There is no alternative apart from memorizing those terminologies but it isn't that hard since banking awareness is a section of the common bank exam.

Rather than relying only on websites,you can also purchase some books that provides detailed explanations.


4. Latest news

‘What is the econmic growth rate of our country’, ‘Who is the Governor of Nepal Rastra bank’ – answers to these would be known only if you read newspapers everyday.

Not limited only to economy, you could also encounter questions about national events .

G.K books may help for historical data but newspapers & news channels are your only source for latest happenings.


5. Know about the organization

Few questions on history, performance, awards or chairman/CEO of the bank could be asked to gauge your level of preparation & interest in taking up the job.

Visit the bank`s website, look for a section ‘About us’ under which all the info ranging from mission, vision to previous year`s financial results will be available.


6. Know yourself

Now comes the real part, where you need to talk more.What could you be questioned on?

  • What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • How can you be useful to our bank?

Answering these can get tough if you have not though about this in advance.


Responses like ‘My biggest strength is working hard’ & ‘Short temper is my weakness’ will only send wrong signals to the interviewing panel.Don't sound too vague or object of ridicule.


While officer post requires managerial & team building skills, clerical employees are required to have good customer handling capabilities.


Understand the job profile & frame answers that could bring these qualities to the fore.


7. Why bank job?

Are you applying for entry level posts in banks with BBA/MBA/MBS degrees? If yes, either of the following questions could be heading your way

  • Why are you applying for banking job, why not other sector
  • Are`nt you overqualified for JA/TA position

The best answer here shall be the real reason which pushed you to apply for bank jobs.Try to come up with a reply that would convince the panel.


These are the 7 sure shot questions that you need to prepare for cracking upcoming bank interviews!!


Based on the article published by www.bankexamsindia.com