NEPSE Index went up by 12.57 points to close at 1,131.52 points; Turnover above Rs 50.43 crore; ADBL, LBL, NIC ASIA hits circuit – ShareSansar


The benchmark index at Nepal Stock Exchange went up by 12.27 points or 1.12% to close at 1,131.52 level.

Opening at 1118.93 level this afternoon, the local brouse was seen in upward trend today.

The total turnover of the day stood above Rs 50. 43 crore where more than 7 lakhs unit shares were traded through 4696 transactions.

The shares of Agriculture Development bank Ltd. (ADBL), Laxmi Bank Ltd. (LBL), NIC ASIA bank Ltd. (NICA) has hit circuit today. 47,347 units of ADBL worth Rs 2.42 crore, 57926 units worth Rs 3.18 crore, and 93,168 units of NICA worth Rs 9.80 crore were traded today. Similarly, 60,690 units of Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. woth Rs 3.67 crore, 33,718 units of Nepal SBI bank Ltd worth Rs 5.30 crore were traded today.

Sensitive index and the float index went up by 2.71 points and 1.16 points respectively.


Published on: ShareSansar (December 21, 2015)