LPG dealers warn of halting sales- The Kathmandu Post


Dec 24, 2015- Dealers of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) on Wednesday warned they would stoop selling cooking gas if the government failed to provide security.

Citing Tuesday’s vandalism at Everest Gas’ plant at Chalnakhel, the dealers demanded the government simplify the distribution process and provide security during distribution of cooking gas.

At a press meet, Chandra Thapa, general secretary of the Gas Dealers’ Federation, urged the government to take quick action against those involved in taking undue advantage of the situation.

On Tuesday, locals vandalised Everest Gas’ plant, demanding that they be given the first priority in distribution.

Gyaneshwor Aryal, past president of the federation, criticised the government for its inability to provide security to LPG sellers.

“As bottlers are not safe, how can we ensure fair distribution of LPG which is now limited in supply,” Aryal said.


Published on: The Kathmandu Post (December 24, 2015)