India’s Rajya Sabha takes up Nepal-India ties- The Kathmandu Post


Dec 3, 2015- A meeting of India’s upper house Rajya Sabha was prorogued on Thursday shortly after it began deliberations on Nepal-India relations that have reached an all-time low.

The Rajya Sabha postponed discussions after parliamentarians said that the one hour time allotted to discuss Nepal issue was insufficient. The discussion will be held later allotting more time. However, the day has not been decided yet.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s party, Janata Dal United’s parliamentarian Pawan Kumar Verma raised the questions on why a special envoy was sent to Nepal a few days before the country promulgated its constitution.

A three-minute time was allocated for each parliamentarian to put their views on Nepal situation. Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj said the time allotted was too short. Other parliamentarians too backed Swaraj’s idea saying the Nepal issue was serious one and needed serious discussions.

Minister Swaraj has proposed December 7 (Monday) to hold the meeting again. 


Published on: The Kathmandu Post (December 03, 2015)