Either curb black-marketing or be ready to face music, CIAA warns govt officers – My Republica


KATHMANDU, Nov 29: The Commission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on Sunday warned all the concerned government authorities either to deliver some visible changes to the publics by control the existing rampant anomalies and black marketing or to be ready for facing extreme consequences.

Speaking at press conference organized to make public the reports of anomalies in the distribution of relief to the earthquake victims and black-marketing, CIAA Spokesperson Krishna Hari Puskar informed that the CIAA will keep close eye on the performance of the concerned government authorities from tomorrow on their efforts to control the existing anomalies and black marketing.

Puskar said that they are taking such initiatives as the government bodies are sleeping towards the anomalies issues.

“Government has failed to show its presence in controling black marketing despite the fact that the CIAA has been drawing attention and has directed the regulatory bodies of the government time and again,” Puskar added.

He also said that CIAA will extend its jurisdiction of investigation to control the black marketing and take action against wrong doers.

The police authorities, however, clarified that it was difficult to control black-marketing as they say that the fuel is brought for personal use but they are selling them later on in the black market.  Police, however, expressed their commitment to control these illegal nexus.

Various stakeholders including Ministry of Supply and Commerce, Nepal Oil Corporation, all three Chief District Officers of the Kathmandu Valley, Department of Commerce among others had their presence in the press conference.


Published on: My Republica (Novemeber 29, 2015)