NOC distributes 300,000 plus litres of petro products – My Republica


KATHMANDU, Nov 17: The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) today distributed 336,000 litres of fuel in different nine districts, including the Kathmandu Valley.

Of the total fuel distributed, 291,000 litres were of diesel and 45,000 were of petrol, according to NOC. The quantity, however, does not account for the fuel provided to various hotels and diplomatic missions.

Today's distribution was a part of the state-owned petroleum monopoly scheme to provide petrol under the proportional system.

Except for Birgunj check point, other entry points in the country have witnessed an increment in the influx of fuel-laden tankers lately.

More than 70 per cent of the total fuel imported to the country enters via the Birgunj check point. The import of fuel from other points can barely meet the demand of the country regardless of their volume of fuel supply.

On a normal day, the Thankot Depot in Kathmandu had been selling around 550,000 litres of diesel and 350,000 litres of petrol.

Rabin Sharma told RSS that the Depot has not been able to sale half of what it used to do in the past to which he reasoned the unofficial border blockade imposed by India on Nepal resulting in the intermittent supply of essential goods, including fuel.

He shared that of the total 1,300,000 litres of China-aided petrol, the NOC has already ferried 700,000 litres. Rest others will be imported by November 4.


Published on: My Republica (November 17, 2015)