Demat A/C NOT necessary to apply for IPO of HIDCL – ShareSansar


Hydroelectricity Investment & Development Company Limited (HIDCL) has floated its Initial Public Offering (IPO) worth Rs 2 arba (2 crore units shares) from Kartik 12, 2072. The earliest date for closure of IPO application is Kartik 19.

In the IPO application form of HIDCL it asks for a Beneficial Owner ID number (BO ID), if any. This BO ID (Demat A/C) is an optional information to be provided by investor.

It would be a good idea for investors who have Demat A/ C to provide their BO ID number. For investors who do not have Demat A/C they can simply leave it blank.


Published on: Sharesansar (November 1,2015)