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Barauni depot fills 46 tankers Friday

KATHMANDU, Oct 17: Although there is no blockade at the Nepal-India border at Jogbani checkpoint, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has not provided the required amount of petroleum products.

The reason for IOC's reluctance is hard to understand, according to Biratnagar-based regional office of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

"Some days IOC depots provide sufficient fuel to Nepal while a lesser quantity is given on other days," said NOC regional chief Khalendra Karki. He accused the IOC of not filling up the tankers in time.

Karki further said that the delay in filling up Nepali tankers has caused problems in sending fuel to the capital.

"It is difficult to understand the IOC's approach to supply fuel," he said.

IOC Barauni depot provided petroleum products to 46 tankers on Friday. The cargo comprises 35 tankers of diesel and 11 of petrol. On Thursday, only 12 tankers entered Nepal.

NOC Biratnagar regional office is responsible for supplying the districts of Koshi and Sagarmatha Zones. As per the regional office, 30 tankers (10 petrol and 20 diesel) per day are required in those districts.

The NOC regional office claimed that the fuel crisis is less acute in the eastern districts than in the west.

According to customs officer Rajendra Dhungana, all cargo other than petroleum products is entering Nepal in sufficient quantity through Biratnagar customs point. "There is no problem at the border area of Jogbani customs," said Dhungana.

Unlike in the last three days, the IOC on Friday provided fuel to 18 tankers coming through Kakadbhitta border checkpoint, as per Navin Koirala, vice-president of Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association.

The 18 tankers include 6 filled with petrol, 10 with diesel, 1 with kerosene and 1 with aviation fuel. Nine of them have already entered Nepal and the rest will come through tonight, according to Mechi Customs.

Similarly, 17 fuel tankers entered through Belhiya border point on Friday, as per Bhairahawa Customs. The cargo includes 9 tankers of diesel, 2 of petrol and 6 LPG bullets.

Altogether 220 vehicles including the 17 fuel tankers have entered Rupandehi through Belhiya, informed customs officer Rabindra Pyakurel.

(With inputs from respective district based Republica correspondents.)


Published on: My Republica, (Oct 17,2015)