Will market hover between 1100 &1200 level? Here is what the Experts opines on the future of the market – ShareSansar, October 11, 2015



Rabindra Bhattarai

Share Analyst

The market would not go above 1200 level.

The market would hover around 1100 level to 1200 level till Tihar. After that, the market would come down.


Nanda Kishore Mundra

Nanda Kishore Mundra

Shree Krishna Securities, Broker Number 28

I think the market would not go down below 1100 level. The banks are issuing bonus shares to hike the paid up capital, this has kept the market optimistic, so the market would not come below 1100 level. After the Terai unrest settles out then there is chance of market reaching 1300 level.


Published on: ShareSansar (Oct 11,2015)