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Oct 8, 2015 – Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has called in to fill the tender for the distribution of petroleum products and LP Gas on Thursday. The corporation has given a deadline of three days to fill in the tender.
The NOC called for a tender to import petroleum products from any countries through any medium for 15 days after the unofficial blockade imposed by India gave rise to fuel crisis.
The state oil monopoly has been given the responsibility to import aviation fuel, petroleum, diesel, kerosene and LP gas from any country through any means by the Cabinet.
The NOC has called the tender to import 200 kilolitre each of aviation fuel, diesel and kerosene, 100 kilolitre of petrol and 100 metric ton of LP gas.
NOC acting Director Mukunda Ghimire said that a global tender had been summoned to ease the distribution of petroleum products for now.
As fuel crisis deepens, the government is considering air-lifting petroleum products targeting the upcoming Dashain festival.

(1 kilolitre= 1000 litre)


Published on: The Kathmandu Post (Oct 8,2015)