FNCCI urges relief package for economic recovery – Aarthik News


 KathmFNCCIandu Octobert 5, 2015- The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and  Industry (FNCCI) has urged the government to launch a relief package to help the  economy recover from the damage caused by the Tarai Movement and unofficial blockade  of Nepal by India.

 The ongoing political unrest in the Tarai region has dealt a severe blow to businesses, and  the government should act immediately to save them from going under, the apex body of the private sector said at its 10th executive committee meeting.The FNCCI said that the economy had sustained losses in the amount of Rs100 billion due to the continuing strike.

“We are saddened by the loss of human lives and physical property due to the
Tarai unrest. The talks being held between the major political parties and the Madhes-based parties are a welcome move. Both the sides should work on giving a logical end to the unrest, and save the country from turning into a failed state,” the FNCCI said in a statement.


"This article was published on The Kathmandu Post (Oct 5, 2015)"