India directs its officials to ‘help smoothen’ movement of vehicles to Nepal – New Business Age



The Indian government has directed its officials to ‘help smoothen’ the movement of vehicles to Nepal, thereby officially lifting an ‘unofficial’ trade blockade on Nepal.

Reports coming from both sides of the border say that the Indian government, which has not conceded that it imposed a blockade, has agreed to allow trucks to enter Nepal as usual from Monday Oct 5. However, some reports said the Indian government has decided to continue the blockade at its Raxaul customs.

Following the promulgation of Nepal’s new constitution, India had expressed discontent over the major parties’ failure to address the issues of the Madhes. In a series of statements, it had urged political parties to resolve outstanding issues through dialogue. It had then issued a statement expressing concern over the security of its freight operators given the violence that had ensued in the Madhes following the promulgation of the constitution.

The very next day, India imposed an ‘unofficial’ blockade on Nepal, saying that supplies would resume once the protests in the Madhes end.


"Published on New Business Age (Oct 4, 2015)"