Letter Writing


Writing Persuasive Messages

Here is a sample persuasive message using AIDA model. Kalpana Adhikari wants to introduce a program that would reduce ABC Company’s annual plastic costs and address consumer complaints about the company’s recycling record. Note how Ms. Adhikari “sells the problem” before attempting to sell the solution. Few people are interested in hearing about solutions to problems they don’t know about or don’t believe exist.

Dear Sir,

In spite of our recent switch to purchasing plastic product containers in bulk, our costs for these containers are extremely high. In my August 5 memo, I included all the figures showing that the we purchase five tons of plastic product containers each year, and the price of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) rises and falls as petroleum costs fluctuate.

In August I suggested we purchase plastic containers in bulk during winter months, when petroleum prices tend to be lower. Because you approved that suggestion, we should realize a 10 percent savings this year. However, our costs are still out of line, around Rs.2million a year.

In addition to the cost in dollars of these plastic containers is the cost in image. We have recently been suffering an increasing number of consumer letters complaining about our lack of a recycling program for PET plastic containers, both on the airplanes and in the airport restaurants.

After conducting some preliminary research, I have come up with the following ideas:

  • Provide recycling containers at all ABC airport restaurants.
  • Offer financial incentives for the airlines to collect and separate PET containers
  • Set up a specially designated dumpster at each airport for recycling plastics
  • Contract with A-Batt Waste Management for collection

I’ve attached a detailed report of the costs involved. As you can see, our net savings the first year should run about Rs.500000. I’ve also spoken to Mr. Paudel in marketing. If we adopt the recycling plan, he wants to build a PR campaign around it. The PET recycling plan will help build our public images while improving our bottom line. If you agree, let’s meet with Mr. Paudel next week to get things started. Please call me ext. 123 if you have any questions.


Kalpana Adhikari

Waste Management Department

Writing Negative Messages

This is a sample email response. Here, Kumar Niraula communicate bad news to Ms. Dhungel following her interview with ABC Ltd. This email helps Ms. Dhungel understand that she would have been hired if she’d had more tax experience and she should not be discouraged.

Dear Ms. Dhungel,

Thank you for considering ABC Ltd. as the place to launch your career in accounting.

In light of the reporting complexities now imposed on the accounting profession by Nepal Accounting Standards and other recent legislation, the executive team has decided it would be wise to bolster our skill base with someone who has extensive industry experience. We have therefore filled the position with a more experienced candidate.

Your resume and credentials show you to be a deserving candidate for any entry level positions. Your academic record and previous work experience certainly indicate your willingness to work hard. Those of us had the opportunity to talk with you believe that your ability to communicate will certainly help you achieve an excellent position in a recognized accounting firm.

In the meantime, we would like to keep your information on the file for six months, in case a position requiring less experience opens up in the near future.

I wish you the best of luck as you begin your new career.


Kumar Niraula

Human Resources Manager


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