Basic General Knowledge



1. Airlines of some countries known for

KLM Airlines       Netherland

Qantas               Australia

Aeroflot              Russia

Lufthansa           Germany 

          2. Trade names of some products:

Syntax                 Water tank

Blackstone           Oil engine

Zeal                     Thermometer

Glaxo                   Baby food

3. Parliament (house) of some countries:

Nepal                        Parliament (constitutional assembly)

Japan                        Diet

Iran                           Majilish

Britain                       House of commons

USA                          House of representative

4. Who is known for:

Netajee                           Subhas Chandra Bosh

Feuhrer                           Hitler  

Man of blood & iron          Bismarck

Father of English poetry   Geofferey Chaucer

Man of destiny                 Napoleon

Lady with the lamp           Florence Nightingale

5. Special days:

10th Dec                           Human Right Day

5th June                           World Environment Day

8th March                         World Women's day

27th July                           World Diabetes Day

6. Longest/shortest day in the earth:

Longest-21 June

Shortest- 22nd December

7. Equal length of day & Night:

21st March, 22nd September

8. Hardest Mineral


9. Who found the America?

Christopher Columbus

10. When was Nepal hit by the massive earthquake?

12th Baisakh 2072 (7.8 Richter scale)

11. When did Nepal get its new Constitution?

3rd  Ashwin 2072

12. Who is the current Prime Minister of Nepal?

Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli (K.P. Sharma Oli)

13. Miss Nepal 2018 is:

Shrinkhala Khatiwada

14. The process in which the depositor is offered more than the amount of his/her amount has got called:


15. RAM/ROM stand for

Random Access Memory/Read only Memory


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