Idioms and phrases


Directions: In the following questions, find out the correct meaning of the underlined idioms and phrases from the given options. You can also review your choices by clicking into answer section.

1. It is no use talking to that thick-headed fellow.

A. Clever

B. Arrogant

C. Stupid

D. Geek


                  Ans: Option C

2. Bhuwan's travelogues were always full of hot air.

A. Very entertaining

B. Adventurous

C. Consisting of horrible incidents

D. Full of nonsense


                  Ans: Option D

3. The young boy got into hot water with his parents when he had a fight at school.

A. To get into trouble

B. To enter water heated by the sun

C. To be in confused state of mind

D. To drink hot water


                  Ans: Option A

4. Throughout the fight, Ram managed to maintain a poker face.

A. Face showing anger

B. Expressionless

C. Mocking reactions

D. Face full of sorrow


                  Ans: Option B

5. The speaker gave a bird's eye view of the political conditions in the country.

A. A personal view         

B. A general view

C. A biased view              

D. A detailed presentation


                  Ans: Option B

6. Kind people in Nepal are a dime a dozen.

A. Very rare

B. In a particular area

C. Can be found in common

D. Hang out together


                  Ans: Option C

7. The concert was brought to a close with a display of fireworks.

A. Concluded

B. Interrupted

C. Announced

D. Cancelled


                  Ans: Option A

8. Roshan has bitten off more than he chew.

A. Is trying to do much

B. Is very greedy

C. Is always hungry

D. Has little regard for others


                  Ans: Option A

9. In the past few years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds throughout the world.

A. Very rapidly

B. Comparatively

C. Very slowly

D. From end to end


                  Ans: Option A

10. The class could not keep a straight face on hearing the strange pronunciation of the new teacher.

A. Remain silent              

B. Remain serious

C. Remain mute               

D. Remain disturbed


                  Ans: Option B

11. Rabindra business went bankrupt and 20 years of hard work ended up in smoke.

A. To make completely understand

B. To ruin oneself

C. To excite great applause

D. To overcome some one


                  Ans: Option B

12. The clerk wiped the nose of his employer by submitting a false bill and was dismissed from his job.

A. Cleaned the nose      

B. Cheated

C. Abused          

D. Slapped


                  Ans: Option B

13. He was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.

A. Sympathetically

B. Kindly

C. Democratically

D. Oppressively


                  Ans: Option D

14. I have a bone to pick with you in this matter.

A. Am in agreement      

B. Am angry

C. Am indebted               

D. Will join hands


                  Ans: Option B

15. It was such a strange affair that I could not make head or tail of it.

A. Tolerate it

B. Face it

C. Remember it

D. Understand it


                  Ans: Option D


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